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Be Prepared for Anything

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  • date January 24, 2023
Be Prepared for Anything

Southern weather is tough; there is no doubt about it. 80% of the year, it could be triple-digit temperatures outside and you wouldn’t be surprised. Factor in high and unforeseen wind gusts with random flood watches every few weeks and you could be in Amarillo or Atlanta or somewhere in between. With always-changing weather, it is more critical than ever to make sure your roof and home are ready for anything.

From the moment your foundation concrete is poured until the last section of paint has dried, you need to make sure you have a high-quality home that will be the best for you and your family. No one ever plans to build an “okay” home to live in. They want the very finest that they can provide for their family, whether that involves materials, labor, or a list of other things. Home means protection for you and yours, so you want to make sure you protect your most valuable asset.

In addition to talking about ways to improve your home and prevent damage disasters, you can also establish habits that will ensure your roof and house remain safe year-round.

Here are some easy ways to stay ahead of the weather and to make sure you are prepared for whatever nature throws at you:

  • Inspect the Inside & Outside of Your Home Once A Season
    • Check your attic for anything that could hurt the interior of your home by puncturing walls or ceilings.
    • Look for water stains or mold-like smells around exterior walls
    • Keep your roof clean of leaves or tree limbs that could cause your shingles and roof structure to warp
    • Avoid any decorations that could damage your roof with clasps, nails, or staples!
  • Keep Track of Your Roof Materials’ Lifespan
    • It is inevitable that your roof will deteriorate over time, but sometimes it happens quicker than others. After your roof is installed or fixed, keep a list of the materials used with their expected lifespan. This will help you know what to keep an eye out for and when it might be time for a replacement roof
  • Don’t know the answer? Ask!
    • A majority of roofing companies offer free inspections. Use that to your advantage!
    • Get a second opinion by using several roofing companies for free inspections.
    • Always be mindful of online reviews and the experience of companies.

Before booking your next roofing job, be sure to talk with each roofing company you’re considering. Get their feedback and advice on what precautions and extra measures need to be taken for your home or business. No roof is the same, so trust a company that has experience under its belt like Absolute Roof Restoration!

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