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Our team of experienced professionals can help you with a total roof restoration solution that will leave your roof looking and performing better than ever. We use only the highest-quality materials and techniques to ensure your roof is waterproof and secure.

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Shingle Installation

This restoration service is the best way to restore your old, worn-out shingles. We can remove all kinds of damage to your shingles, including cracks and holes, sun damage, and more. We’ll also make sure that your roof is ready for whatever weather comes its way during any season. Count on us to use only top-quality materials and equipment in our work.

shingle installation athens tx

Metal Roof Installation

Whether you want to restore a damaged section or replace an entire roof, we can help you get the job done right. Our team uses only top-quality materials to ensure that your new roof will last for years to come. We’ll remove any rust or corrosion from the metal, apply a protective coating to prevent further damage, and then paint over our work so that it looks brand new again!

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Get a Total Roof Restoration in Athens, TX

Reinvent your roof with Absolute Roof Restoration

Are you looking for a way to get your roof restored? Ensure that the job is done right so you don’t have to worry about it again for years by working with us!

We are Absolute Roof Restoration, and we specialize in total roof restoration. We’ve been doing this since 2008, serving Athens, TX, and its surroundings including the DFW Metroplex. What sets us apart is our guaranteed workmanship, which is second to none. Our team can help you get back on track with your home’s exterior by getting rid of any problems that might be causing damage or leakage. We also have experience working with insurance adjusters during roofing restoration projects. Let us handle the paperwork and negotiations to ensure your roof gets restored quickly and efficiently.

If you’re ready to make sure that your home looks great again and stays that way, give us a call! You can expect from us nothing less than jaw-dropping results that last for decades to come.

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